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Robbie Tesar
Saxtons River, Vermont
Jake!I have been thinking about you lately and wanted to see how everything is going. I am now living in
Vermont teaching at a boarding school and coaching the boys varsity hockey team. I have also been playing a
lot of "Call of Duty" lately. I miss playing Wii sports and Mario Kart with my buddies at Connecticut College.
I hope your family is doing well and has had a wonderful winter, full of playing in the snow and hot
chocolate, with marshmellows of course. I would love to hear from you. Write me at

I can't believe it was nearly three years ago that we meet!
Robbie Tesar
Saxton River, Vermont
Jake! Its been to long my man, I bet you and your family are having a great summer!!!! I hope your experience
with the team has been a good one and hopefully will continue next year. I am moving to Vermont in a couple of
weeks, maybe we could get together! I would love to hear about what you are up to this summer and look forward
to hearing from you.

All the best!

Sue O'Connell
Boston, MA
Hi Jake,
I work with your Uncle Craig and I just read all about you on your web site. You are a very
brave boy and I will continue to send good wishes your way. Take care of yourself and keep smiling!
Sue P.S.
I am one of 5 kids too!
Mary Pat Mirabella
Blandon, PA
Hi Jake!
You probably don't remember me, but I remember you and your family from Camp Sunshine. Today
is 2/5/2009 and I apologize for not contacting you since July 2008. I asked Renee Corning for your contact
info yesterday, hoping she knew you, and she did. Renee responded immediately with your web site. I hope you
will think about coming back to Camp Sunshine again - the applications for the BT session in July are posted.
I was a Teen Counselor, and will be again, but I enjoyed spending time with you and your family at meals and
getting to hold Charlie. Please say "hi" to your Mom for me. Sending hugs and smiles your
Mary Pat
Lily Langbein
New York City
SmileWishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to have you all in our lives.
Peace and Hugs
Lily, Olivia and Dennis

Robbie Tesar
Conn College

The season is finally here! The team is really looking forward to seeing you at a some games! We
lost a couple close ones this weekend, but we are getting back after it tomorrow against Wentworth, it should
be a great game. Have a great Thanksgiving! Go Camels!!!!!!!!!!
Michael O'Donnell
Connecticut College
Hey Jake!
My name is Michael O'Donnell and I am a member of the Connecticut College Men's Hockey
Team. We are all very excited to have you as a member of our team! I hope everything is going well and I
can't wait to meet you after one of our games!
Tammy Tesch
Greenwood, IN
Tongue Dear Team Jake:
I've posted on my daughter's CaringBridge site in regards to the American
Express Voting! Trying to help and get the word out. My daughter passed away on 5/2/08 from an anaplastic
astrocytoma just after turning 16 yr old. I WANT CANCER GONE NOW!!!
Bill Krohn
Not sure if my other message went thru-but made a donation in honor of our old bud Lynne Schreiner FINALLY
tying the knot---I'm the only holdout from Bentley gang ---all the best, esp. to Jake!
Bill Krohn
Ken & Charisse & Kids, Always kicking myself for not sponsoring your bike ride, but let's face
it: wasn't sure if you'd finish Spanky! So on the occasion of our old buddy Lynne Schreiner's
wedding, thought I'd make a donation in honor of her and her new husband, John Scerbo. Never met him but
they have an organ donation charity in CT since he's donated, so sounds like a stand up guy! So while
donating in nutmeg state (they bought a house in New Canaan), thought of you guys...Hope all is well,
especially Jake! p.s. hopefully JPMORGAN will match to make it $200
Robbie Tesar
Lake Bluff, Il
Jake! I just got back from a terrific summer in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. I hope you are having an
awesome summer!

GO CAMELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Lever
Orangeville, Ontario
Hey Jake! My name is Greg Lever and I am a member of the Connecticut College men's ice hockey team. I
hope you are having a great summer and i am very excited to meet you this fall. All the best! GO CAMELS GO
Shawn Keefe
Camel Land
Hey Jake,

My name is Shawn Keefe and I am also a member of the Connecticut College hockey team. I just
want to tell you how excited I am to meet the newest Camel and can't wait to see you around this fall. I
wish you and your family the best and I hope we can help you as much as I know you are going to help us this
season. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I'll see you in the Camel Dome.

Jim Ward
Connecticut College
It was great to meet you and your family today at Camp Sunshine! I can tell that you are having a good
week at Camp. I am looking forward to you meeting and getting to know the guys from the Camel Men's
Hockey team this fall.
Have a great week in Maine!
Best wishes!

Robbie Tesar
in a canoe
Jake! I hope you got my package!!! Well I am a day away of driving from camp so I am pretty excited. I have
your address and I hope its ok I write you, I am sure I will have some pretty cool stories. Have a GREAT
summer, I know I will. And all the guys keep telling me how excited they are to get you in the locker on the
ice and in the stands at the Camel Dome.

Colleen and Danny
South Boston, Ma
Jake and the whole Gainey family, Congratulations on the excellent news. Hope you are all enjoying your trip
to Orlando. Hope to see you all very soon and meet the newest member, he is adorable. You all can meet the
newest member of my family. Love to all,
Colleen and Danny
Sean Tuohy
Salisbury Mills, NY
Hey Jake, I'm on the Conn College Hockey team also and I'm looking forwar to meeting you and seeing
you around the locker room this fall. Take care buddy and feel free to e-mail me at anytime


Ryan Joyce
Connecticut College
Hey Jake, My name is Ryan Joyce. I am a member of the Connecticut College hockey team as well as all these
guys. We are very excited for you to come down and see some games. We hope all is well with you and your
family and we look forward to having you around the lockeroom whenever you can.

Thanks again pal and email
me if you ever want to. GO SOX!!!
Robbie Tesar
Lake Bluff, Il
Hey Jake Man, I hope you have an awesome time on vacation! As you can see the team can't wait to meet
Colin Edge
Connecticut College
Hey Jake, like all of these other guys below me, I am also a member of the Connecticut College hockey team.
I'm really excited about meeting you in the fall and I can't wait to have you become a part of our



Mike Kelly
Duxbury, MA
Hey buddy, My name is Mike Kelly and I am a member of the Connecticut College hockey team and I look forward
to meeting and getting to know you this up coming season! My email is and feel free
to email me. Take care Jake!
Trevor Bradley
Connecticut College
Hey Jake,
I am on the Connecticut College hockey team and we are all really exited to have you be apart of
our team. We are looking foward to meeting you really soon.
Sean Driscoll
Peabody, MA
Hey Jake,
My name is Sean Driscoll and I am a member of the Connecticut College hockey team. I cannot tell
you how excited we are to have you apart of the team next year! I cannot wait to meet you in the fall!
me if you have any questions or anything you want
Brett Moore
Connecticut College
Hey Jake. My name is Brett Moore and I am apart of the Connecticut College hockey team. Were all excited over
here to have you be apart of our team. Hope you can make it to some of our games and you'll be hearing
from us soon. Hope all is well.
Mike Delaney
New London
Hey Jake, I too play for the Connecticut College hockey team. I look forward to meeting you and welcome to
the team. Feel free to email me at
Patrick Collins
Jake the Snake! This is Patrick Collins, I'm from the Connecticut College hockey team and I can't
wait for next year so we can hang out in the lockey room and have some fun together! Have a great summer big
guy!! Tongue
Robbie Tesar
New London, CT
Hey Jake! My name is Robbie Tesar and I am a member of the Connecticut College Hockey team and I just wanted
to let you know how excited we are for you to be a member of the team! You can e-mail me at anytime you want about anything you want. The Team and I can't wait to meet
Uncle Ron & Aunt Jeanne
Hi Jake, we love you and will give you a big Kiss and Hug this Sunday.

Love Uncle Ron & Aunt Jeannd
Robbie Tesar
New London, CT
Hey Jake!!!! My name is Robbie Tesar. I play on the the Connecticut College Hockey team and we are so excited
to have you become part of the team! Your truly an amazing guy, thank you again for wanting to be part of our

our team site is
Mr. Murph
Hopewell JCt, NY
Hi Jake,
I am a Camp Sunshine parent. You have a really cool web site and are doing an incredible job
helping and touching so many people. Give all your brothers and sister a high five! Are you going to camp this

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